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Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst
Only certified examiner in the State of Oregon
Also available in California, Washington and beyond

Los Angeles County, California Superior Court
Approved Panel of Expert Witnesses

Phone: (541) 517-0397

Crime Scene Investigation

Don Schuessler is on the approved panel in Los Angeles County, California Superior Court as an expert witness in crime scene investigation in California.

Crime scene investigation utilizes a multidisciplinary approach. Processing scenes requires that many activities and observations on the part of the investigator be integrated for the most reliable results. In addition to a thorough review of work performed by first responders, the crime scene investigator, and other forensic personnel to determine if established protocols and procedures were followed, Don Schuessler may provide the following services during a crime scene investigation or review:

Charter Member IABPA
Criminal, Civil and Insurance Investigations
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Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

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