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Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst
Only certified examiner in the State of Oregon
Also available in California, Washington and beyond

Los Angeles County, California Superior Court
Approved Panel of Expert Witnesses

Phone: (541) 517-0397

Crime Scene Reconstruction

Don Schuessler is available for crime scene reconstruction in Portland, Oregon and Seattle, Washington. Though his office is based in Eugene, Oregon, he is on the approved panel of expert witnesses in California and is willing to consider travel if your case requires his expertise.

Crime Scene Reconstruction utilizes the interrelationship between physical evidence, reports of investigation, forensic photography and video combined with scientific methodology and reasoning to determine the most probable sequence of events that occurred during a criminal event. Reviewing available physical evidence and the initial crime scene investigation by a skilled, professional forensic investigator can determine if additional scenarios have equal probability of occurrence. Don Schuessler, who has been working in the field of forensics and crime scene reconstruction and investigation since 1978, can also utilize graphics and animation to help explain a possible alternative sequence of events.

Charter Member IABPA
Criminal, Civil and Insurance Investigations
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Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

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