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Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst
Only certified examiner in the State of Oregon
Also available in California, Washington and beyond

Los Angeles County, California Superior Court
Approved Panel of Expert Witnesses

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Fingerprint Analysis and Latent Print Examination

Fingerprint analysis and latent print examination services involves using scientific methodology to examine any available evidence for identifiable finger, palm and foot prints and other pattern evidence. Latent prints are the result of impressions of the friction ridge skin from various parts of the body where a person may walk on, touch or hold a surface. Latent prints on a surface can be visualized through a variety of chemical and physical development techniques. Once visible, the latent print can be compared to known fingerprints (or palm or foot prints) of an individual. Latent print analysis and fingerprint analysis uses this known fundamental principles of biology, which can be used by an expert to identify a single person as having made the print. Don Schuessler can provide the following analytical services:

  • Comparison of latent prints to known friction skin standards.
  • Review of case documentation and reexamination of evidence processed and by law enforcement authorities.
  • Review of cases where latent prints have been collected but not identified or utilized.
Charter Member IABPA
Criminal, Civil and Insurance Investigations
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Certified Bloodstain Pattern Analyst

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